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          The Skinny Tea Co™ is home to the UK’s best selling, 100% laxative free, skinny tea!

          Our exclusive detox tea contains up to 137x the Antioxidants and 40x the Gamma-Aminobutyric acid of regular green tea. Additionally our skinny teas contain some of the highest natural concentrations of Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), Polyphenols, Antioxidants, and Catechins1.

          Our UK based company uses an exclusive GABA Oolong - developed in the 80s by Japanese scientists - which has been hand picked then specially processed to exponentially raise its detoxing power. For decades GABA drinks have been widely available in Asia where their weight loss and health benefits have long been recognised.

          We blend our rare GABA Oolong with other hand picked, traditionally scented, whole leaf teas, and one of the highest grades of Uji Matcha Green Tea. Our powerful Matcha has been proven to increase thermogenesis, a major way in which your body expends calories, by 35-43%2.

          Unlike other skinny tea brands, we DO NOT sell cheap laxative tea bags filled with Senna; this is the basic ingredient found in the majority of detox teas. Drinking laxative teas for weight loss can be incredibly harmful. Studies have shown they can cause serious health problems and several recent articles have shown these teas have caused the contraceptive pill to fail3.

          Our detox teas are guaranteed to be 100% laxative free, come in six fantastic flavours, and we’re confident will help you look and feel amazing!

          Sophie Xx
          Co-Founder of The Skinny Tea Co™

          1. USDA Database for Flavonoid Content
          2. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
          3. Daily Mail 27th June 2015 & Cosmopolitan 30th June 2015

          From The Skinny Tea Blog