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Skinny Tea Reviews

We're extremely proud of The Skinny Tea Co's exclusive weight loss teas. We worked incredibly hard to developed a unique product that is not only highly effective but tastes fantastic too. We didn't simply want to produce yet another cheap laxative / superfood-of-the-week skinny tea blend.

When you own a website it's very easy to publish whatever you like - Sophie is the most beautiful girl on earth! - however, most people are smart enough to recognise fact from fiction.

We've always tried to build a strong level of trust with our customers: Kelda and I reply to almost all emails and texts personally; I write all of our blog posts, Twitter and Facebook messages - which probably explains why they're not always great!

Another area where we try to be unique is that we include, under ever Skinny Tea, reviews from customers who're independently verified as having bought that product.

We use a very clever third party plugin called Yotpo that after two weeks independently sends customers an email asking for their honest feedback. These are then published under that tea or selection box with a Verified Customer badge. Only customers who've actually bought that tea receive this badge.

Whenever I shop online, before I make any purchases, I always search for reviews and generally check out Amazon reviews too, even if I don't buy from them. I know lots of Skinny Tea customers seek out reviews for us too and so I'm delighted that we're now starting to build up a lot of honest and generally very positive independent reviews from our existing customers for new customers to read!

Sophie Xx

Here are just a few of our Skinny Tea reviews:

4 Week Skinny Tea Selection Box from Alice B

A sceptical female proven wrong! - ★★★★★

Im always a little sceptical about this sort of thing but within 5 days of the teas I've got no bloat, i feel awake and LOVE the flavours!! Im looking forward to the next 3 weeks and seeing what the results are of the 4 week teatox! A happy customer x

4 Day Skinny Tea Sample Pack from Hannah N

Absolutely loved your product! - ★★★★★

Absolutely loved your product, i felt it really aided my weight loss. I had a dress to fit into for a family wedding, and one week to do it! I managed it but don't think i would have been able to without your lovely tea! x

Summer berry jam★★★★★

Im loving the summer berry jam skinny tea!its very tasty and fillin so its good in the morning as i cant handle breakfast first thing! I reccomend everyone to try them, i will be purchasing other flavours to try out too :) Sarah x
  • The Skinny Tea Co™
  • ReviewReviewsSkinny TeaSlimming TeaWeight Loss Tea

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  • Dec 16, 2013

    Peaches and Cream
    Delicious, have seen results straight away, it fixed any digestive problems ASAP and made me feel more energised! I also really hope that the Jasmine tea doesn’t stay limited!

    — Ayomi

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