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We Are The Skinny Tea Co™

We always knew that by not owning the .com variation of skinnytea.co.uk this could potentially cause some confusion in the future. But, we are The Skinny Tea Co™, a UK based company, and have absolutely nothing to do with the Australian based .com version of Skinny Tea.

Prior to The Skinny Tea Co's launch I had actually spent several years working on exciting flavours for our detox teas. Originally this was simply for me; then friends began asking if they could take some home with them; it was when friends of friends started asking where they could buy some of that amazing 'skinny tea' I decided to launch this business (and where our Skinny Tea name comes from)!

I mentioned to James, a tea importer, a Master Tea Blender, and one of our owners, that I wanted to do this and we bought the domain skinnytea.co.uk. However, the .com variation was owned at that point by a domain broker. We decided not to buy this as it wasn't in use and we were a UK based company. (Now that we have a global presence - we also now plan to launch direct distribution from the USA and Australia later this year - not buying this was perhaps a little shortsighted!)

Recently we've received a lot of emails from customers who've not received orders from the .com variation of our site. Apparently emails sent to this company have also been ignored hence people have been coming to us. 

So far, of the thousands of boxes of detox tea we've sent, only one has ever gone missing (and this was to a customer who'd given us the wrong address)! While delays do occasionally occur - especially with international orders being inspected by customs - we always try to keep our customers informed and send 75% of our orders using a tracked service. We have to say that the Royal Mail generally have provided an excellent service of ensuring our deliveries are made quickly and efficiently. 

I guarantee that every customer who emails us about a potentially missing order will receive a personal response from either Kelda or myself as soon as possible. We've found in the majority of cases the majority of our detox teas are delivered within a day or so or - and this is frustrating - delivery has been attempted and the postman has helpfully not left a card!

Anyway, whenever you place an order with us I guarantee you will receive your tea, which we will send as quickly as we possibly can, and if you do have a problem we will do our utmost to fix this :)

Sophie Xx

  • The Skinny Tea Co™
  • detox teaSkinny Teaskinnytea.co.ukWeight Loss Tea

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  • Feb 06, 2014

    Sophie, your service has always been brilliant! Sorry you’ve been getting complaints about another company, no one can complain about you or Skinny Tea CO ;-) Jo

    — Josey T

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