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Get Even More Skinny Tea!

One of the biggest compliments we receive is from customers who say that they enjoy the flavour of our detox tea so much they would love to drink it more than three times per day!

We've found that the maximum benefit from Skinny Tea comes when you drink it three times per day and when you thoroughly squeeze out the bag; a mug of our tea should be ever so slightly cloudy as that means you've squeezed out all the amazing organic Uji Matcha which is really great for you!

However, for anyone who's brewed our detox teas in a teapot, without a bag, you'll have seen that we use only the finest whole leaf teas which are of an incredibly high quality. Unlike with cheaper grades of tea, our exclusive hand picked, specially processed, whole leaf teas are of such good quality they can be brewed more than once. While the second infusion doesn't contain the same benefits as the first, it still will taste as delicious!

Once you've brewed your first mug of Skinny Tea, and thoroughly squeezed out the bag, you can save this to reuse later for a second mug of delicious detox tea, simply increase the brewing time by 2-3 minutes. While we still recommend drinking fresh skinny tea 3x per day however, by reusing your tea bags this is a great way to enjoy more without having to use anymore detox tea.

I'm also a big fan of drinking our teas iced. I always take a bottle of this to the gym with me as it's more rehydrating than just regular water, it also tastes delicious and isn't filled with sugar and additives like most other energy drinks! To do this simply save up a day's worth of bags, then in the evening place these into a jug of cold water. Leave this in the fridge overnight. By the time you wake up you'll have a jugs worth of natural, sugar free, iced tea that tastes amazing and is good for you!

I'd love to hear how you get on reusing your Skinny Tea.

Sophie Xx

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  • detox teaIced TeaSkinny TeaSlimming TeaWeight Loss Tea

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