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Nuts About Skinny Tea

At least a couple of times a week we receive an email from a potential customer asking us if our Skinny Tea is: safe for nut allergy sufferers; or if it contain any gluten?

My answer is always the same: to the best of our knowledge our detox teas are completely safe for both nut allergy sufferers and are completely gluten free.

We have been told by customers that some other Skinny Tea brands' products, despite claiming not to, do actually contain gluten. I'm also aware than not all of them will guarantee their products are safe for nut allergy sufferers. I'm confident that we are though.

Firstly, we are a pure tea product. Our whole leaf detox tea is hand picked before being specially prepared, exclusively for us. All our unique flavours are created using a traditional, natural scenting process, we do not blend in any additional herbs or additives, some of which may potentially contain gluten.

Secondly, we only ever buy teas we have sourced ourselves directly from farmers and small family owned suppliers. As silly as this may sound, these people only sell tea. We do not buy from vast wholesale distributors that also sell various herbs, spices, flours, seeds and nuts, all from the same premises.

When buying from huge distributors the risk of cross contamination is quite high. Our stock comes from environments where only teas have been grown and produced. Where even small traces of nuts could potentially cause a serious reaction, we're confident that any potential cross contamination is likely to be very minimal with Skinny Tea Co products.

We spent over 2 years before our launch working to develop what we believe to be the world's best detox tea; from finding the finest, organic and naturally scented teas; to working to perfect our exclusive flavours. We're really pleased with what we've created and even more delighted that others are loving our Skinny Tea too. I hope this blog post reveals a little bit more about the level of care we've put into creating all our teas and reassures anyone with gluten or nut allergies.

Sophie Xx

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