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Skinny Tea Updates

Back in October 2013 we launched our first ever limited edition Skinny Tea, Jasmine Blossom. We included a sample of this with every 4 Week Detox and very quickly it became one of our most popular flavours. We also began receiving emails from lots customers hoping that it would become a permanent addition to our range.

We're constantly working to develop exciting new flavours and are shortly about to launch our second limited edition detox tea, All Butter Shortbread - assuming our crack team of teas tasters think it tastes as good as we do! (Sign up to our very infrequent newsletter if you'd like to hear more about becoming one of our tea tasters in the future.)

We're possibly a little biased but, we spent over a year working on our four initial flavours: Honeysuckle; Ice Cream, Peaches and Cream; and Summer Berry Jam, and think they all taste amazing. However, we apparently do have one Marmite flavour, Honeysuckle.

Of all our flavours Honeysuckle has been the only one to so strongly divide most people. After Summer Berry Jam it's our second best selling, individual detox tea however, it's also the only flavour some people really don't like. None of our other teas ever elicited such a strong response. 

In comparison Jasmine Blossom has been almost universally adored. 

We recently asked the following question to our newsletter subscribers: 'Should we replace Honeysuckle with Jasmine Blossom as one of our four main Skinny Tea flavours?'

We were really grateful when so many of our subscribers took the time to respond and over 75% who did thought Jasmine Blossom should replace Honeysuckle in our 4 Day / 4 Week / 12 Week Detoxes. So, as of yesterday, Jasmine Blossom has now joined Summer Berry Jam, Ice Cream and Peaches and Cream in all our detox selections.

We know how popular Honeysuckle is though with many of you so will of course always keep it available as part of our range :)

Sophie Xx


We are working super hard to create a chocolate flavoured Skinny Tea however, it's actually a lot harder to get a natural chocolate flavour that remains calorie free or has no artificial sweeteners or flavourings added; we will eventually get there though!

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