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Men and Skinny Tea

I'm James and I'm the Managing Partner of Skinny Robe Tea International. The Skinny Tea Co™ is one of the companies I help to run.

In my online dating profile I describe myself as athletic and toned. The below 'selfie' clearly shows this is no longer the case. Following knee surgery at the end of 2012 I spent most of last year eating healthily and working out 3-4 times a week. For a while I was in quite good shape.

December is always a busy month for me and towards the end of last year, like many others, I began skipping the gym, eating out or grabbing takeaways a whole lot more. 2014 has remained busy so I've used this as an excuse to avoid eating sensibly or returning to the gym!

I've known for a month I was going to do this so continued eating badly however, I was horrified when I stepped on the scales at my gym to discover I currently weighed 15 stone (210 lbs)! I knew I'd put on a little weight but this was a whole stone more than I was expecting - I'm 6'3" and usually weigh around 13.5 stone (189 lbs). The majority of this extra weight sits around my stomach which now hangs over my jeans. I tend to wear a 32-33" waist. My stomach currently measures 40" - it's not pretty!

While I have been heavily involved in creating our unique Skinny Tea flavours, I've never actually drunk our skinny tea continually for more than a couple of days.

This will be the first in a series of blog posts as I begin drinking Skinny Tea 3x per day throughout April. I'll try and write update posts at least once a week.

I like eating food so I'm not going to undertake some crazy calorie restricted diet. As Sophie recommends I will just simply follow a regular, balanced diet and I will probably replace snacks with cups of skinny tea (this has worked really well for both Kelda and Sophie). I also plan to return to the gym at least a couple of times a week. 

As much as I dislike doing so, I will continue taking 'selfies' and hopefully you will be able to see my wonderful progress back to how I describe myself on Soulmates!


  • James Henderson RobeMen's Skinny TeaSkinny TeaWeight Loss

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