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  • 1st Week With Skinny Tea Update
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1st Week With Skinny Tea Update

Despite being one of the owners of The Skinny Tea Co, and having read the feedback we've received from 100s of customers as well as personally seeing the results experienced by Kelda and Sophie, I was still a little sceptical that this would really work for me.

I'm a bloke, I don't get bloated, I'm just a little fat because I've been lazy recently and eaten badly. However, having drunk our detox tea for a week now I'm delighted to say that I've lost 7 pounds and really don't remember feeling more alert or energetic for years!

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Initially I found it hard going. Drinking the detox tea wasn't difficult - I obviously think they taste delicious - however, for the first 4 or 5 days I was constantly starving; apparently I also get pretty grumpy when I'm hungry! 

Kelda, along with many of our customers, is on the 5:2 Diet. People have frequently written to us to say they find our teas amazingly filling on fasting days despite containing zero calories. I however found the opposite to be true. All of a sudden it seemed as though my metabolism had doubled. Almost as soon as I'd finished eating a meal I was desperate for something else. Normally I don't notice when I've not eaten but, even though I wasn't restricting my calorie intake, I still felt hungry. 

I work long hours and tend to eat 4 or 5 smaller meals a day (around 2,500 calories in total) rather than 3 larger ones but even this wasn't enough. I'm pleased to say that this has now passed and I no longer feel hungry but had this continued I do think I would have struggled. Sophie suggested I drank the teas in between meals rather than after them and this has certainly improved things.

As I mentioned I would in my first blog post I have made some other small changes to my life: I returned to my gym and had three, 30 minute workouts this week - mainly on weight machines. I have also significantly cut down (but not cut out) the amount of chocolate and Haribo I eat which has always been a weakness. I like food and haven't undertaken some crazy, restrictive diet, just to make sure this works. 

My biggest motivation for losing weight was to get rid of my 40" stomach which was hanging over my jeans. In only a week it certainly looks flatter however, when I measure it I've only lost 1.5 inches and the sides, which Sophie has happily informed me is called 'muffin top', remains pretty much intact. This is where I'm really hoping to lose weight from over the next couple of weeks.

I'm really pleased with the results I've experienced so far and hope by next week I'll have returned to being under 14 stone and toned up my stomach some more.


  • detox teaJames Henderson RobeMen's Skinny TeaSkinny Teaskinnytea.co.ukWeight LossWeight Loss Tea

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