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  • Completing My Skinny Tea Detox
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Completing My Skinny Tea Detox

When I first agreed to write about my own experiences of drinking Skinny Tea for a month I had fully intended to write weekly updates; obviously I completely failed on that front, much to Sophie's annoyance.

As many of you know we have recently moved into new premises. This move had originally meant to take place at the start of the April but was delayed until half term. Thinking we'd have everything completed by the holiday we'd already agreed that the majority of our team could take this time off.

Overall setting up a new tea studio was far more hectic than we'd ever anticipated so my balanced diet, and regular exercise, were replaced with rushed sandwiches, pre packed convenience foods, and just a lot of shifting of boxes in place of going to the gym.

I did however continue drinking our detox tea three times per day and there was usually some Iced Skinny Tea made up from old bags laying around (this really is delicious)! After finishing the 4 Week Detox I have continued drinking our detox tea.

Initially I'd hoped to lose 1.5 stone in a month - a perhaps unrealistic goal - but over all I've lost just a bit over one stone and nearly 5 inches from around my stomach in around 6 weeks. 

James Henderson Robe After a 4 Week Skinny Tea Detox

I generally eat a fairly balanced diet and do exercise most of the time. I'm certain that the results I've experienced have really been improved by drinking Skinny Tea - especially on weeks where I was doing little exercise and eating badly. I also felt far more energised than usual. I'm sure the last couple of lbs I want to lose will only really come from more exercise however, the initial boost this tea gave me has been really impressive!

Around 90% of our customers are female and most say the first thing they notice is a reduction in bloating. I don't tend to get bloating however, especially after a carb-y lunch I do tend to get quite lethargic. I noticed that, after drinking a cup of Skinny Tea with around 30 minutes of a meal I no longer seemed to feel like this. I found myself filled with energy. For this reason alone I decided to continuing drinking our detox tea.

After my first week I lost around 7 lbs. I think I must have had a lot of water retention because, that was a lot to lose. I was also quite careful about what I ate and went to the gym 3x. Over the next 3 weeks I was a lot more caught up in things, grabbing food on the go, and have only been to the gym 3 times since that first week. I've constantly lost weight, and my stomach looks flatter, but I'm guessing at around the 1-3 lbs Sophie suggests is normal when Skinny Tea is drunk in combination with a balanced diet.

 When I began this I was 14 stone 11 lbs. When I weighed myself early and, even after a weekend away, I'm now 13 stone 8 lbs which I'm really pleased about.

Overall I've really enjoyed drinking our detox tea for the past six weeks or so. I import tea for a living so drink a lot of tea however, this definitely was very different to the teas I more generally consume. I'm very pleased with the weight loss I've seen, and again, and was amazed by the boost I felt in my metabolism (I was nearly constantly starving the first week I drank this irrespective of how much I ate) and so do plan on continuing to incorporate this into my day to day life!


  • detox teaDiet TeaJames Henderson RobeMen's Skinny TeaSkinny Teaskinnytea.co.ukWeight LossWeight Loss Tea

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