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Sold Out Of Skinny Tea

So, we're completely sold out of Skinny Tea! While in the past there have been occasions where we've run low never previously have we completely sold out of absolutely everything.

As many of you will know a few weeks ago we moved into new premises. This move has allowed us to keep in stock far larger quantities of the teas we use to blend our exclusive detoxes with. Having launched The Skinny Tea Co™ nearly a year ago now we're generally quite good at managing our stock levels. However, last weekend saw a huge spike in people buying our 12 Week Detox packs along with many other larger orders.

None of us could predict that we'd sell around 2 Months worth of tea in a single weekend!

Each month we receive 2-3 deliveries of the fresh detox teas we use from China, Taiwan and Japan. The majority of these deliveries come from Taiwan. Spring has been unseasonably cold there and this has led to a 2 week delay in this spring's harvest.

We source all our of teas directly farmers or have our teas specially prepared for us by small, family owned suppliers with whom we've built up a strong relationship with. Sourcing this way, rather than using bulk wholesalers, means we receive not only the freshest teas but can guarantee they are the highest quality ones available too. Occasionally this may mean we do run out of stock but, I'd rather we sold out rather than sell an inferior quality product. 

We now have fresh skinny tea being sent to us and should hopefully receive this by the end of this week though, and probably more likely, at some point during the week commencing 19th May.

We've received a lot of emails today asking if we're going to set up a waiting list or begin taking pre orders?

After our little team worked so hard to get through all of this weekend's orders, as we're sold out, I give them today and tomorrow off. When everyone's back in on Thursday we should have a better idea of when our first shipments of teas will be arriving into the UK and, depending on when this is, we may look at opening up for some pre orders and perhaps even doing something special with this!

Sophie Xx

  • The Skinny Tea Co™
  • detox teaFresh TeaSkinny Teaskinnytea.co.uksold outSpring Harvest

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