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All Butter Shortbread Skinny Tea - Coming Soon!

We launched our first ever Limited Edition Skinny Tea in October of last year. Jasmine Blossom proved to be incredibly popular, so much so it became one of our four main flavours that features in our 4 Week Detox boxes!

Here at The Skinny Tea Co we buy our teas directly from farmers or small, family owned suppliers. We're constantly sourcing new, naturally scented teas, from all around the world. Once we have these back here in the UK we then work with our Master Tea Blender, James Henderson Robe, to develop exciting new flavours of detox tea.

As many of you will know back in March we began looking for tea tasters to help us perfect our next limited edition flavour. We were delighted to receive so many responses from our mailing list for willing volunteers :)

Following all the feedback we received, and making a few changes, we're finally happy and ready to release our next limited edition flavour of Skinny Tea, All Butter Shortbread! 

This is our first ever Skinny Tea to contain a tea from Thailand. The incredible oolong we use in this detox blend has been scented with a rare Chinese herb Nuo Mi Xiang Nen Ye which is believed to naturally cool and detoxify the body (so perfect for this summer)! Our very own Kelda spent 2 days travelling by herself to the remote mountainous region of Mae Salong, Northern Thailand, in search of this rare tea which we're delighted to have discovered.

 Mae Salong Home To Skinny Tea

*A picture Kelda took of the Choke Chamroen estate in Mae Salong, Thailand, where this tea comes from.

Carefully blended with our other exclusive, specially prepared GABA Oolong and Matcha detox tea we believe we have created an All Butter Shortbread flavour that's incredibly sweet and refreshing yet one that's perfect for when your trying to beat those biscuit cravings without being naughty!

Kelda Sourcing Fresh Skinny Tea

*Kelda with some of our freshly picked Skinny Tea.

We're now just awaiting a couple of fresh shipments of tea from Thailand and Taiwan - they're on a plane to the UK as I write this so we expect these to arrive early next week -  when we'll finally be able to launch our All Butter Shortbread flavour! We're genuinely all excited to be adding this to our range and can't wait to hear what you think!

Sophie Xx

  • The Skinny Tea Co™
  • detox teaLimited Editionnew flavoursSkinny Teaskinnytea.co.ukWeight Loss Tea

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