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Summer Harvest Skinny Tea

When it comes to tea one of the most important factors is freshness. As with almost everything that's good for you, the fresher it is the better it is and this is especially true with tea. Tea found in tea bags - even in widely available, luxury branded ones - can actually be several years old!

For The Skinny Tea Co we only ever buy the freshest available teas from either the spring or summer harvests of that year. By doing so we ensure our detox teas are genuinely the best and freshest available. (The Skinny Tea we are currently selling was still growing on a bush less than a month ago!)

Theoretically tea can be harvested every 40 days or so throughout most of the year however, the majority of high quality teas are only harvested 2-4 times per year. These harvests generally take place around the seasons. With a few exceptions the best teas are those which are harvested in the spring or summer. Spring teas, being the first of the year, are generally the youngest and sweetest and often the most prized by tea connoisseurs. Summer harvest teas tend to be slightly more robust in flavour though, especially with the higher grades of loose leaf - like those we buy for The Skinny Tea Co - the difference between spring and summer harvests tends to be marginal (this is because only the bud and top two leaves, which are carefully picked by hand, are ever used).

Personally I find the summer harvest leaves to be better for Skinny Tea. Being naturally scented sometimes people consider our teas subtle until they grow used to the flavour. The summer harvest leaves tend to have a more concentrated flavour and therefore I think work a little better. 

Around 80% of the tea we buy comes from Taiwan. This year's spring harvest was a couple of weeks later than usual so, the difference between the spring and summer teas this year is far less. However, I have been genuinely impressed with the quality of all the tea we've received this year (like wine, tea quality does vary from year to year).

As many of you know we do not mass produce our detox teas. All of our teas are blended in small batches a coupe of times per week then packed to order with your personalised label. My job here at Skinny Tea is to ensure all of our teas taste the same however, being being a naturally scented product there will always be slight variations. To get the balance of our flavours right I've made a few adjustments to the ratios of our summer harvest detox teas but, I genuinely think these are our best tasting ever: Summer Berry Jam is a bit more fruity; Ice Cream is a bit more creamy; Jasmine Blossom is, well, just more jasminy!

Our weight loss teas have come a long way from the ones initially created by Sophie years ago. However, irrespective of what harvest we're using, when you buy any of our detox teas you can be guaranteed that they contain some of the highest concentrations of beneficial Antioxidants, Polyphenols, Epigallocatechin gallate and Catechins of any other tea on earth plus they all taste delicious!

James Henderson Robe

  • detox teaFresh TeaJames Henderson RobeSkinny Teaskinnytea.co.ukSpring Harvestsummer tea

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