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Milk Chocolate Skinny Tea Launches!

Developing Milk Chocolate Skinny Tea has been our biggest challenge yet! We wanted to create a intensely chocolaty and indulgence detox tea, that could satisfy even the most serous of chocolate cravings but, we faced one major problem - not many teas naturally taste of Chocolate (none in fact)!

The range of flavours we have shows how versatile a simple tea leaf can be. Like grapes for wine: soil; weather; altitude; country; microclimates etc all play a huge role in how a tea leaf will eventually taste. Teas from cloudy mountainous regions in Taiwan taste very different from ground level teas grown in China - despite coming from the same plant and ostensibly being the same thing.

At first it seemed like we were facing an impossible task. However, working directly with the family owned suppliers we’ve built up a relationship with over the past several years, explaining what we wanted, they seemed equally excited to take on this challenge!

During our research we discovered much of chocolate’s flavour comes from when the raw cacao beans are roasted. Our suppliers realised that by taking a naturally creamy Taiwanese mountain tea and gently roasting this, they could naturally create a delicate chocolate flavour. After a lot of testing we decided upon our favourite and our master tea blender began experimenting mixing this with our exclusive detox blend. While all of these new skinny tea blends were nice, they weren’t quite delivering the chocolate hit we really wanted!

Our Jasmine Skinny Tea is naturally scented using fresh jasmine blossom which is carefully layered with young tea leaves and allowed to impart its flavour overnight outside in cooling Taiwanese mountain air. Sadly cacao beans not only don’t grow in Taiwan and they also don’t really transfer flavour this way either. Raw cacao is chocolate at its most intense. We found that by adding a few broken bits of a raw cacao bean to water we could create a wonderful and rich chocolate flavour. We knew that adding raw cacao was a perfect solution however, we found that when blending these with our detox tea the cacao would just fall to the bottom of the bag.

Raw Organic Cacao Beans from Ecuador

The Uji Matcha we use is so finely ground it evenly distributes and covers all of our teas. We realised if we could grind the raw organic cacao to a similar consistency we could achieve the same. We invested in a special disc grinding machine and can now produce our own super fine raw cacao powder without losing any of its amazing benefits.

We thought we’d cracked it but a last minute tasting of new Ecuadorian raw organic cacao beans - 2 weeks ago - convinced us to make a change! We're confident now though that we have created the ultimate Milk Chocolate Skinny Tea!

We hope you'll let us know what you think once you've tried this amazing new tea!

Milk Chocolate is just going to be the start of a range of chocolate flavoured Skinny Teas! Let us know in the comments section below of any other chocolate flavours you’d like to see and, if we decide to develop your flavour, we’ll bring you in as a special tea tasting consultant :)

Sophie Xx

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