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Bags Of Skinny Tea!

Occasionally we get asked if we’ve ever considered creating ready made tea bags filled with our wonderful Skinny Tea? While we have considered these, there are many reasons why we don’t.

The single biggest reason is quality. As with most things in life there are higher and lower quality versions. While tea bags were originally invented to simplify the lives of housewives, over time they have increasingly been used simply to disguise the fact that lower and lower quality tea was being used in them.

Tea is generally graded before being sold. The highest quality teas are hand picked and contain only the bud and top two leaves - these are the youngest and sweetest parts of the plant and contain the highest quantities of good stuff. It is only these highest grades that undergo our special scientifically developed process, before being blended to create our exclusive detox tea flavours. (Including our newest flavour Chocolate Skinny Tea!)

Skinny Tea Bud and Top Leaf

Loose Skinny Tea

The lowest grades of leaf go by various names but are generally called dust and fannings. This is literally the stuff that is swept up off the floor after the higher grades of tea have been sorted and sold. This is this grade that you most commonly find in cheap tea bags.

While essentially there is nothing wrong with the cheaper grades of tea, it all comes from the same plant after all, there are some fundamental problems for us. These smaller broken pieces can’t undergo the same special processing that our detox teas do. Equally, these smaller broken parts of leaf infuse far faster than whole leaves do. What gets released is not the powerful Flavonoids, Polyphenols, Antioxidants and Catechins but caffeine and bitter oils - this is why with most tea bags you need to remove them quickly otherwise the tea becomes bitter and stewed.

With the larger surface area of the whole leaf less of these bitter oils and caffeine are extracted. Additionally, it’s only with longer infusing times that the really beneficial components of tea are released (which is why we recommend infusing for at least 5 minutes).

With every purchase of our Skinny Tea we not only provide you with our exclusive detox tea we provide you with a seperate pack of tea sacs. Tea sacs are large, open tea bags that you simply add our loose skinny tea to. Tea sacs allow our teas to fully expand and release their maximum flavour and benefit. Regular sealed tea bags - even fancy pyramid ones - are too small and prevent this from happening which is another reason why weldon't use them.

Finally, loose leaf tea allows you to decide how strong you want to make your Skinny Tea. Dr Sarah who advises us uses 2 tsp per mug. Dr Sarah has converted to Skinny Tea having previously only drunk esspressos which probably explains why she likes it stronger! I tend to like my tea a little bit lighter and use slightly less that 1 tsp but, I generally don’t remove the bag as I drink it so I find this way works better for me.

I'd really love to hear or see how you make your Skinny Tea :)

Sophie Xx

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