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When Fad Diets Fail: Why We're Sticking To Smaller Life Changes!

There are few of us who haven’t tried a fad diet at some point or another. From Atkins to Dukan, Weight Watcher to Slimming World, Cayenne Pepper to the 5:2 there’s one thing that fad diets tend to all have in common - they simply force us to cut things out. Ultimately this leaves us feeling deprived and craving what we can't have!

We've always tried to do things a little differently here at The Skinny Tea Co. Between us we've tried pretty much every fad diet and detox going yet, longer term, the best results any of us have experienced is when we've made simple changes to our diet to feel better instead of simply completely cutting out whole food groups and feeling miserable!

Worried that making healthier choices is harder than it sounds? Well there’s one tip that we can all do to help, and that is mindful eating. When we stop and truly think about what we’re eating, it’s far easier to make healthy choices. When we think about our bodies, absorbing what it needs from the fuel we put into it, it’s much harder to wolf down something unhealthy that our body doesn’t want, use or need.

And the wonderful thing is, making healthier choices has its own rewards (other than the pat on the back that we give ourselves afterwards). Our body thanks us for giving it what it needs. Almost immediately we feel brighter. Clearer. Happier.

Fad diets, or quick fix solutions - such as laxative based detox teas (all of our skinny teas have always been 100% laxative free) - may make our jeans fit better in the short term but, do we actually feel better? Or, are we just getting to the end of a white-knuckle ride, relieved that we made it? Isn’t it also always the case that we ‘treat’ ourselves at the end and put on every pound that we’ve lost (and generally a bit more)?

Making smaller changes to the way we live and eat will always be the most effective way. This doesn’t mean signing up to a marathon and becoming vegan (although feel free to do so if you wish)! It’s about making changes that are right for you. Changes that are easy for you keep to. A healthy and balanced diet that you stick to 100% of the time will always be more effective than the latest fad which you only adhere to when it suits!

This is also what’s where Skinny Tea comes in. Skinny Tea is 100% free from laxatives or additives, sugar, gluten, and sugary, super fruits (Goji berries etc have never been proven to offer any benefit when added to a tea). Our supercharged detox teas are bursting with Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), Polyphenols, Antioxidants and Catechins all of which have been proven to speed up your metabolism, increase weight loss, reduce bloating, purify your skin, burn fat and help build lean muscle. The best bit is, unlike a kale and wheatgrass smoothie, our teas taste delicious. Who needs elevenses of milk chocolate or all butter shortbread when you can get your fix in a cleansing tea, which is actually doing your body some good? And, by introducing Skinny Tea into your diet, you’ll find that those pesky sugar cravings will begin to disappear (which is all part of your body whispering ‘thank you’ for cutting out those toxins)!

So let’s say goodbye to fad diets and hello to a new, healthier, cleaner lifestyle. We can’t wait to hear how you’re getting on :)

Sophie Xx

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