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Celebrities And Skinny Tea

There seem to be a raft of A-list celebrities taking to skinny tea in the last month or so and crediting their weight loss to their new-found love for detox tea. We have several lovely celeb customers but, in truly British fashion, we don’t divulge our drinkers! So why are the celebs suddenly embracing skinny teas?

Here’s a couple of reasons why our unique Skinny Tea blend works:

It’s easy. There really isn’t an easier detox out there. All you need to do is drink three cups of our specially blended detox tea a day, along with making a few healthy lifestyle choices of course (doughnuts and skinny tea pair perfectly but, don't make for a great detox!), and you’ll reap the benefits. 

It works. Our customers have some impressive stories of weight loss and improved energy levels. Most customers report feeling less bloated after just a couple of days, and we have many customers who after completing a four-week detox have reported dropping at least a dress size. Then there are our long-term customers who drink the tea on a daily basis and have done for years as part of a healthier lifestyle. Most of these customers wouldn't now consider switching their daily cups of Skinny Tea for anything else!

It’s scientific. The ingredients include a unique and powerful blend of Uji Matcha green tea which has been proven to increase thermogenesis, one way in which your body expends calories by 35-43% (we love a stat!). This is blended along with an exclusive GABA Oolong tea, discovered and developed by scientists in Japan, which has been hand picked then processed to significantly increase its weight loss and detoxing power. The specially selected teas we use contain some of the highest natural concentrations of Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), Polyphenols, Antioxidants and Catechins.

Watch out though, some other brands do add laxatives and potentially toxic Asian herbs to their blends which, is not a healthy (or pleasant!) way to detox. 

It has other benefits too. What diet may also reduce stress levels (usually diets have the opposite effect...), boost the immune system, provide a natural energy boost, whilst protecting the skin from harmful environmental effects such as UV rays and improve your hair?

These are just some of the amazing benefits of our detox teas provide and so it's no wonder then that so many of Hollywood's finest seem to be drinking skinny teas too!

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