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Know What You’re Putting In Your Body

We like to spend our days telling you what our teas can do for you. Unfortunately today we have to focus our blog not on what Skinny Tea can do, but what it absolutely does not do to you.

This follows a story coming to light about a teenage girl who has suffered acute hepatitis due to consumption of a ‘detox tea’. The tea she consumed had the ingredients written on the box in Chinese so she didn’t really know what she was putting in her body but no doubt believed the impressive claims on company’s the website.

This story truly saddened us, but unfortunately it didn’t surprise us. There are many brands out there that label themselves as a ‘skinny tea’, ‘weight-loss tea’ or ‘detox tea’. Low-cost teas with sensational claims. Some people may actually lose weight whilst consuming the teas, however the potentially harmful side effects are something of an unknown. Even some of the major brands available on the UK high street have on their websites (almost hidden) disclaimers warning their teas are 'potentially toxic' if consumed in higher doses.

We urge people to make sure they know what they are putting in their bodies. For the record, we are a UK based company and our teas contain tea; fresh (you’ll see the date the tea was harvested stamped on each bag), ethically sourced from small family-owned farms, hand-picked, loose-leaf tea (no powdered mix of who-knows-what). A blend of a specially developed GABA oolong, one of the highest grades of Uji matcha green tea and other naturally scented, whole leaf teas, create our exclusive Skinny Tea blends. (We also add a little bit of raw organic cacao to our milk chocolate flavour!)

No chemicals. No laxatives. No untested Chinese ‘herbs’. No nasties. And no unwanted side effects.

So please, if you are looking for a detox tea, ensure exactly what you are getting. Don’t replace one set of toxins in your body with a mix of potentially harmful chemicals.

Be good to your body :)

Sophie Xx

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