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Skinny Tea Reviews: I Lost Weight. My Stomach Was Much Flatter. My Skin Looked Amazing.

So you’re thinking about tea-toxing? We only allow genuine customers who've actually bought and tried our tea to leave reviews on our website. Here is what some of our recent amazing customers had to say about their Skinny Tea detox!

I purchased four weeks of tea, and I waited to review until after a week of trying the teas. The tea is subtle, yet really yummy, and it is super easy to make. I will be purchasing more tea for sure as I see benefits in my skin clarity, weight loss, and overall wellbeing. Kristin P.

I loved the taste of the tea. I lost three pounds during the week and I found the tea was great for digestion and defeating bloating giving me a flatter stomach. I'll definitely be buying more! Julie K.

This tea is life changing! If it wasn't coffee I wasn't interested. Tea has never appealed to me at all, but when I spotted Skinny Tea and they claimed to make tea taste like my favourite things I'd have been silly not to try. I was very apprehensive at first and had the six-week detox sitting in my online basket for nearly two days, I was swayed by a kind gesture of 10% off to make my mind up. I have noticed a significant change in appetite, I'm not snacking between meals! (yay). Also I have lost a few lbs and I generally feel so much better in myself. I’m addicted to this tea, especially Summer Berry Jam, next time it'll have to be the 12-week detox because drinking Skinny Tea is all I'm interested in! Thank you Skinny Tea Co! Laura T.

I have been drinking the four-day sample over about a week, and I have noticeable lost weight. I don't know if it's definitely the tea but I have been plateauing for ages, then I lost 2.5 lbs and noticeably from my waist and boobs and back, lots of people mentioned it. It took my down to size 12 territory which was my goal for my wedding which is now next week. I had to get about another inch taken off the wedding dress round the waist. I will be buying more. Emma B.

I love this tea! It's probably the best tea I have ever drunk. I have noticed a difference after a few days of drinking it. I exercise a lot and eating clean however my belly got extra flat and can feel the tea is burning more fat. I bought four week detox and received four different flavours however Summer Berry Jam is my favourite! Love, love, love it ... Will be ordering more. Marta B.

I never normally write reviews but I have to honestly say that I am amazed with the teas. I have only been drinking them for a little over a week now but I am impressed. I suffer with IBS and I am a coeliac and my bloated belly is no more! Well done Skinny Tea! Louise C.

So not only has it quick started my pre-wedding diet, Skinny Tea also tastes really yummy. Having suffered for the last few months with a lot of bloating, I really noticed the difference, especially when I forgot to take my tea away with me for a few days! Looking forward to my next box of tea! Sarah L.

You can read hundreds more reviews like these by each product on our website, or else why not just bite the bullet and try our detox teas yourself?

Thousands of customers have begun their Skinny Tea journey with a 4 Day Detox Sample and, having noticed they were starting to feel better after only a couple of days, is why so many of our customers keep come back to us again and again!

  • The Skinny Tea Co™
  • detoxDetox TeaReviewsSkinny Teaweight loss

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