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Beat The Bugs: Blueberry and Ginger Probiotic Smoothie

I'm a huge fan of smoothies! Ever since I was a child I struggled eating breakfast. I never enjoyed eating large quantities that early in the day but my Scottish parents believed that big bowls of porridge were the best start we could have. As an adult I found that smoothies were a perfect breakfast for me. Not only are they super quick, easy to make and filling but, I always found they were much easier to consume than more traditional breakfast items. 

In the past when I worked in kitchens the world would apparently fall apart if you became sick. I learned from dishwashers a potent tea made from huge quantities of fresh ginger and turmeric tea that was boiled for hours cured everything (and it kind of does). This smoothie takes warming ginger and turmeric and blends it with other good stuff including kefir which is packed with probiotics so, you receive all the protective warming winter benefits but without the slightly strange tasting tea that stained your teeth yellow!

Blue Berry and Ginger Smoothie

400ml Coconut Water or Iced Skinny Tea
200ml Kefir (natural yoghurt also works)
1 Large Handful of Blueberries
1 Small Banana
100g Spinach
1 Small Handful of Almonds
1 Scoop Protein Powder (I tend to use unflavoured)
1-2 Inch Chunk of Ginger (I like it quite gingery)
1/2 Cm Chunk of Fresh Turmeric (dried is also fine)

As with all smoothies simply add the ingredients into a blender and blitz for around 1 minute or until smooth everything is smooth. Personally the fruit and vegetables I use tend to be frozen including the bananas (I buy bananas in bulk, peel, then freeze these in individual bags ready to chuck in the blender).

This recipe serves two people but the quantities can easily be altered up or down depending on how many you want to serve.



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