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Maximising Your Skinny Tea Detox

We’re often asked how to get the most out of our Skinny Tea. Here we’ve answered some of the most common questions which will help you enjoy the abundance of benefits you can expect from drinking the UK’s best detox tea.

1. How often should I drink Skinny Tea?

We recommend that you drink three mugs of fresh Skinny Tea per day for maximum benefit, however, we know many of you like to drink more that this! If you'd like to want to drink more than 3 cups per day, we recommend you save your tea bags and use these a second time. While the maximum benefit is extracted during the first infusion, we use incredibly high quality teas which retain a lot of flavour. To use a bag a second time simply increase the brewing time by around 2 to 3 minutes.

2. When should I drink my Skinny Tea?

We generally recommend one mug before breakfast to get the digestive system firing on all cylinders, followed by one after lunch before getting back to work and then, one after dinner (or slightly earlier if you're particularly sensitive to caffeine). Alternatively, and a lot of us in the office do this, we drink our Skinny Tea in between meals which we've found has really helped us avoid snacking!

3. How do I brew the perfect mug?

Patience is a virtue… We know you might be eager to get that mug of goodness in you, but please remember five is our magic number. Load up your leaves (a heaped teaspoon in your bag), pour on the hot water and leave it. In five minutes, your loose leaves will have swollen up (which is why we don’t put them in small tea bags) and the tea will be fully infused and ready to drink. Please remember to give your teabag a good squeeze before taking it out. This ensures the maximum matcha makes it's way into your mug and you'll receive the maximum goodness from each cup of detox tea.

4. Should I do anything to maximise the benefits of a Skinny Tea detox?

Please remember that whilst you are taking part in your Skinny Tea detox you should also stick to a healthy diet – no point putting those toxins straight back in. We don't recommend anything too drastic, just follow a healthy, balanced diet (and probably still treat yourself every so often). We also recommend that you also exercise occasionally. Check out some of our other blogs for some of our favourite exercise tips. 

Sophie Xx

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