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Skinny Tea Weight Loss Blog Coming Soon...

Welcome to The Skinny Tea Company™ Blog! 

We are the UK’s first premium organic weight loss tea company selling only the finest, freshest, organic whole leaf diet teas. These teas have been specially selected by British experts working within the tea industry and have been chosen especially to assist you with the challenges of losing weight while balancing a hectic social and work life.

Unlike other many other diet products, our teas taste fantastic, as well as being extraordinarily good for you when consumed as part of a calorie controlled diet.

This blog will be regularly updated and filled with all the best diet hints, tricks and tips from around the internet! We will also supply you with advice and alternative methods for brewing our special organic weight loss teas ensuring you can experience the best possible flavour from the leaves while also extracting the maximum potential benefit from each cup you drunk!

Keep checking back here regularly for updates as we approach our launch (around summer 2013). You may also like to sign up to our mailing list* to receive the most up to date information on our company, our products and to receive special subscriber discount codes and special offers! 

Remember, losing weight never tasted so great with Skinny Tea so we can’t wait to begin sharing a cup of our delicious diet tea with you!


*We promise generally to send you no more than one email newsletter per week and will never pass your details on to any other companies.

  • The Skinny Tea Co™
  • Diet TeaSkinny TeaSlimming TeaWeight Loss Tea

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