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Fresh, Whole Leaf, Weight Loss Teas

Skinny Tea Company products contain only one thing: fresh, whole leaf, weight loss tea.

But, why is this important? 

Most people reading this will know, fresh and whole is generally better for us than old and refined. As girls we've known this for years. We all know that brown bread and wholemeal pasta are better for us than their white equivalents. They fill us up for longer and provide us with a more sustained source of energy. (But of course we all cheat on our diets sometimes!) 

Equally fresh fruit and vegetables are far better for us than mushy peas from a can. (Personally this is something I've never wanted to try though I do have friends who love these)! 

When it comes to tea the same fresh and whole rules apply!

At The Skinny Tea Company we have access to some of the finest and freshest teas available anywhere in the world. While this may sound like hyperbole, Skinny Tea Co, has the support of one of the UK's leading premium whole leaf tea importing companies (a business that also happens to be owned by my boyfriend)! 

We have access to specialist teas from all over the world. I was amazed when I was introduced to some of these that are commonly drunk in Asia when I was trying to lose some of my baby weight. Seeing how great they tasted and how well it worked for me, I was surprised to discover that most of these weren't available here in the UK!

There are other weight loss teas available but more often than not these contain cheap Japanese Sencha - an often bitter tasting everyday green tea - which has been blended with oriental herbs of dubious value. Frankly drinking laxatives and believing this to be a detox or sensible way to lose weight is somewhat concerning to me.

When using our specially prepared teas you'll notice a huge difference. The aroma of our loose leaf tea is fresh and extremely sweet yet, it is only ever naturally scented and is calorie free. 

When the leaves open up you'll see fresh whole buds and young leaves, looking as they did when they were first hand picked. You won't find just broken bits of tea.

Finally, and probably of most importance, our teas are fresh. We buy our teas at the beginning of each tea new harvest. We know when these have been picked and so we know these haven't been laying around in a warehouse for years losing all their goodness.

Our teas may only contain that but, I am confident that you'll love them when you try them and be amazed at how great they make you look and feel!

Sophie Xx

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