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Weight Loss Iced Tea: The Ultimate Diet Drink

Ok, so we launched a weight loss tea company in the middle of summer and during the hottest couple of weeks the UK's experienced for years! (It’s now officially a heat wave!) Sure, our timing could have perhaps been better however, here in the UK we drink tea all year round - actually an astonishing 165 Million cups per day - so we hoped we might just get away with it!

Summer is also the time of year where we definitely want to be in shape as we find ourselves wearing our most revealing clothes! At this time it's harder, and not practical, to hide away behind multiple layers! Then of course there's always the terror that is going on holiday and finding that perfect bikini!

I know also during the summer, whenever I have the opportunity, I want to spend time outdoors. I always try and eat my lunch outside and honestly, I love Skinny Tea Company teas with my lunch but on hot days it's not practical, or particularly enjoyable, to sit outside my office with a big mug of tea! 

Fortunately there is a solution, iced tea, the ultimate diet drink!

Iced teas are growing in popularity here in the UK though are often thought of as quite an American drink. However, iced tea was actually developed in Asia and you'll find that in most homes in Taiwan there's generally always a jug of refreshing, natural, iced tea kept in the fridge!

Best of all, it's super easy to make! All you'll need to make some is: one of our delicious weight loss skinny teas; a jug or bottle; and some cold water. I tend to make up a litre at a time and this lasts me about a day (in the summer I often make up 2 litres as I know friends love this too)!

To make simply add 3 tea spoons of tea (around 9 grams) into your bottle or jug of cold water. Gently stir and refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight. 

What's fantastic about making the tea this way is that it won't over infuse and become bitter if you leave it for longer. With whole leaf teas, as there's not lots of little bits of broken tea etc, you don't even need to remove the leaves when your drinking it. Simply pour into a glass and enjoy. 

I drink this year round, at home, at the gym, with my lunch! It's so much better than any artificially created, artificially flavoured and horribly sugary iced teas you can buy from shops. I drink this in place of any other soft drinks. It's super refreshing, naturally sweet, and sugar and calorie free. I think this truly is the ultimate diet drink!

Try it once and I promise you'll never want to consume another Diet Coke or Liptons iced tea again!

Sophie Xx

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