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Before and After Pictures: Free Skinny Tea!

I've always tried to be open and upfront about The Skinny Tea Company. Weight loss tea is a rapidly expanding market however, unlike many other companies, I wanted to ensure we avoided simply becoming another anonymous weight loss business, the majority of which I know are owned and run by men, selling a very low quality, generic product.

What surprises me most when new weight loss tea companies launch is their immediate and injudicious use of before and after pictures. These are always on websites full of untraceable (and often unbelievable) positive customer feedback*!

The majority of these before and after pictures show major changes and extol the miraculous powers of their products. Sadly a reverse image search on these pictures will often lead you to the originals which have either been Photoshopped, bought online or stolen**. 

Despite being offered before and after pictures to buy, and being advised that manipulated images were common place in the slimming world, buying or faking images is something we've very deliberately chosen not to do. 

I lost 2 stone after the birth of my daughter drinking our skinny tea. Many of my friends have lost weight drinking this too and it was with their encouragement that I decided to launch The Skinny Tea Company. We sell an extremely high quality weight loss tea and I am confident that our products work but, it's very easy for me to say that and put anything we like on our website.

I want people to feel confident that our teas actually work. Before and after pictures are clearly the strongest endorsements that we can receive however, for me it's important that these are: GENUINE; from REAL customers; who've actually consumed OUR products!

We'd love for you to send us your pictures so, here is our deal: Buy our best selling 
4 Week Skinny Tea Selection Box or a 1 Month Bag of any Skinny Tea. Afterwards contact us and send us a photo or two of you before you begin using them. Drink the teas 3x per day for the next 4 weeks as we recommend. Send us another couple of photos of the results after 4 weeks. As our way of saying thank you we will send you, free of charge, a 1 Month bag of any flavour of your favourite weight loss tea!

Any photos we use will be edited to remove your face. We will also reveal no other information about you except for your name - you can give us an alternative name if you'd like - and brief information about any other diet you may have followed and how much weight you have lost. (Many of our customers have been using our teas with great success while on the 5:2 Diet etc.)

I really look forward to seeing your pictures soon!

Sophie Xx

*Where we've used feedback from Twitter, a blog etc, we always let you know where it came from so you can see this for yourself!

**I was surprised at how common theft was!

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