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Fresh Weight Loss Tea

Running a weight loss tea company means we obviously like our tea. A lot! When we receive new shipments of fresh skinny tea this is probably when we're at our happiest. We've just received a huge shipment today so we're all quite excited (and a little overcome with the super sweet smell of fresh tea)! 
We buy all our weight loss teas directly from farmers or from small, family owned, suppliers in China, Japan and Taiwan. We have great relationships with our suppliers and know that buying tea this way guarantees us only the finest teas that are highest in: Antioxidants; Polyphenols; Gamma-Aminobutyric acid; and Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG); all the good things that give our teas their weight loss power! 
We also always know how fresh our teas are. The best teas are those that are from the first harvests in spring and summer. This is when we buy ours. These leaves are always the youngest, sweetest and with the highest concentrations of natural weight loss power which are then specially processed for us to exponentially raise these.
Everyone knows that the younger and fresher vegetables are, the better for you these tend to be. The same holds true for tea and ours are absolutely as fresh as is possible. Our teas are generally never more than 6 months old which, in fruit and vegetable terms seems like a long time but, when compared to tea bags whose contents can be 3-5 years old, ours are clearly much fresher (which easily becomes apparent in the taste)!
We want you to experience skinny tea at its freshest so once we have our stock in the UK we store this in a special temperature controlled environment (it's pretty cold and so I don't like going in there without first wrapping up) and using a multiple layered vacuum sealing process. We only blend our exclusive skinny teas in small quantities, around every other day, which ensures when you open your bag the aroma is as close to the freshness there was on the day we received it!
The freshness of our tea is unmatched and this is just one reason why we are the world's finest weight loss tea.
Sophie Xx
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