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Beating Chocolate Cravings

One of the most popular things about our weight loss tea is the fact that our teas actually come in a variety of delicious flavours. We've worked incredibly hard to source only the finest, naturally scented teas, which we use to create our exclusive weight loss tea blends. When customers experience our teas for the first time it is the fact they actually deliver on flavour that surprises people the most!

We have an Ice Cream Skinny Tea that, despite containing zero calories, sugar or artificial flavours, smells and tastes supremely sweet and creamy - just like ice some cream! Our Peaches and Cream, our Honeysuckle and our most popular Summer Berry Jam Skinny Tea don't disappoint on the taste front either!

It's this natural sweetness and great flavour which makes our Skinny Teas great for helping to cope with cravings. I know I'm particularly bad around mid morning and used to frequently find myself snacking on biscuits or chocolate. Instead these days I simply make myself a mug of one of our Skinny Teas - Peaces and Cream is my favourite for this - and most of the time once I've drunk that I've moved on from my cravings and can get back on to focusing on work.

A recent study conducted by Brian Wansink Ph.D. at Cornell University discovered that cravings for chocolate will naturally decrease after about 15 minutes irrespective of the amount of chocolate actually consumed. The group who were only given one square of chocolate described a similar decrease in cravings to those who were given 77% more!

The thing with cravings is we know they will eventually pass. Sometime's it's a struggle not to give into them but this is one area where our teas can help. However, if you do decide to give in and have some chocolate, why not try having half your usual amount and seeing how you feel after 15 minutes? Hopefully by then you'll have forgotten about the cravings altogether!

Sophie Xx

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