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Skinny Tea Is Not Poo Tea!
This isn't the most pleasant of blog posts so I'll just say, The Skinny Tea Co do not sell a laxative tea and this is a really good thing. That's roughly all this post says so, if you're a little grossed out by things, you probably don't need to read any further!

As with all online businesses we see the search terms that people use to find their way to our site. I was astonished with the frequency people search for the term 'poo tea' or 'poo tea weight loss!' I never knew there was such a huge market and interest in these!

We are frequently asked if we're a laxative tea and I can state categorically that we're not! We have never, nor will we ever, consider adding laxative herbs into our weight loss tea blends.

Will a laxative help you lose weight? Sure, in the short term.

They may even show results as soon as day 1, which makes  companies selling these teas able to make wild claims of weight loss efficacy all of which sound highly appealing when masked as a detox.

However, so will consuming laxatives from Boots or - and I'm sorry to be graphic here - simply putting your fingers down your throat and throwing up. You will ultimately achieve the same effect as drinking a laxative tea. Everyone knows that these actions are not a healthy, sensible, or an effective way to achieve and maintain long term weight loss, it's simply incredibly dangerous.

Taking a laxative is not 'detoxing' it's 'purging'. 'Purging tea' doesn't however sound quite as healthy or appealing as 'detox tea'. 

While purging you don't burn fat. You simply rob your body of essential nutrients and the energy it requires to function effectively. Your body actually needs calories to burn calories and fat yet, consuming laxatives prevents this from happening. 

I've never hidden the fact that a laxative teas will work faster than our weight loss teas but, they will leave you feeling awful and will only work in the short term. As soon as you stop any weight you have lost will pile back on.

One of our best selling products is our 4 Day Skinny Tea Sample Pack. In the 4 Days you will only begin to start to see weight loss effects - I don't hide that our tea will take longer to work - however, most people who try it for 4 days come back saying how great it's made them feel. 

The word most often used is 'healthy' but we are frequently told that our teas have left you feeling more alert, energetic and alive, which is why so many people then try either a 1 Month or 4 Week Selection Box of our skinny tea.

There are countless studies and newspaper reports that show the great effects tea has on weight loss and health generally. We have taken what are absolutely the best and freshest of these, highest in natural weight loss benefits, and blended these to create The Skinny Tea Co's exclusive weight loss teas.

I've seen very few articles that suggest taking a laxative has any benefits out with helping you go to the toilet. I certainly don't think this is a great way to lose weight.

Sophie Xx
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  • Sep 30, 2013

    Great post Sophie. I loved how your teas our natural & healthy and has none of that stuff that makes you poo. Too many people want a quick fix. Your health is worth more than that.. :-) xx

    — Bei

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