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Bags Of Skinny Tea!

We’re occasionally asked if our skinny teas come loose or ready prepared in bags?

All of our exclusive detox tea flavours came loose however, we always provide you with tea sacs, special large open tea bags which you then fill yourself. Most people seem to love these as they’re super easy to use, work really well for our teas, and allow you to extract the absolute maximum benefit from our Skinny Tea :)

There are various reasons why we don’t sell bagged Skinny Tea which is what this blog post will explain.

Sophie Xx

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Milk Chocolate Skinny Tea Launches!

From almost as soon as we launched we've receive one constant request - could we develop a chocolate flavoured skinny tea?

Raw Organic Cacao Beans

As a team of chocoholics we thought this sounded like a brilliant idea and so the challenge was set! Now, after almost a year of development, we're delighted to announce that Milk Chocolate Skinny Tea has officially been launched :)

Sophie Xx

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Chocolate Skinny Tea - Coming Soon!

After nearly a years worth of development we're finally ready to officially launch Chocolate Skinny Tea on the 1st of October!

Chocolate Skinny Tea

Can't wait that long? Discover how you can become among the first people to try our amazing new craving busting detox tea!

Sophie Xx


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