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Countdown to Xmas Discount - 30% Off!!!!

However much you love Christmas, it is often an energy-sapping marathon. A gentle detox now will help you feel and look as sparkling as the decorations.

Why Fat-Fighting Oolong Is Tea Royalty

We're often asked if our detox teas are herbal teas - they're not! Our Skinny Teas only ever contain an exclusive blend of specially selected and prepared oolongs which are blended with Matcha, powdered green tea.

Most people now know of the benefits of Matcha tea but, less is known about oolong here in the West. (In Asia the majority of tea drunk is oolong.)

So what is an oolong tea and why is it so good for you?

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Watch Out For Detox Teas Which Can Cause The Pill To Fail

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is about whether or not our detox teas affect the contraceptive pill?

We promise that The Skinny Tea Co's exclusive detox tea contains only specially prepared teas which are 100% laxative free and won't have any affect on the efficacy of the birth control pill!

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