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Countdown to Xmas Discount - 30% Off!!!!

However much you love Christmas, it is often an energy-sapping marathon. A gentle detox now will help you feel and look as sparkling as the decorations.

Why Fat-Fighting Oolong Is Tea Royalty

We're often asked if our detox teas are herbal teas - they're not! Our Skinny Teas only ever contain an exclusive blend of specially selected and prepared oolongs which are blended with Matcha, powdered green tea.

Most people now know of the benefits of Matcha tea but, less is known about oolong here in the West. (In Asia the majority of tea drunk is oolong.)

So what is an oolong tea and why is it so good for you?

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Bags Of Skinny Tea!

We’re occasionally asked if our skinny teas come loose or ready prepared in bags?

All of our exclusive detox tea flavours came loose however, we always provide you with tea sacs, special large open tea bags which you then fill yourself. Most people seem to love these as they’re super easy to use, work really well for our teas, and allow you to extract the absolute maximum benefit from our Skinny Tea :)

There are various reasons why we don’t sell bagged Skinny Tea which is what this blog post will explain.

Sophie Xx

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All Butter Shortbread Skinny Tea - Coming Soon!

Back in March we began sending out samples of our next potential Limited Edition Skinny Tea.

We finally think we've perfected our All Butter Shortbread flavour and we hope to have it for sale on our site sometime next week!

Here's a little more info on how we sourced and created this tea.

Completing My Skinny Tea Detox

Despite promising he'd write weekly updates about his own detox James, one of our owners, didn't! However, he did as he promised and drank our Skinny Tea daily for a month - and he now continues to do so - as he's really pleased with the results! Discover how his weight loss has gone in this blog post.