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Weight Loss Iced Tea: The Ultimate Diet Drink

Ok, so we launched a weight loss tea company in the middle of summer and during the hottest couple of weeks the UK's experienced for years! (It’s now officially a heat wave!) Sure, our timing could have perhaps been better however, here in the UK we drink tea all year round - actually an astonishing 165 Million cups per day - so we hoped we might just get away with it!

Fresh, Whole Leaf, Weight Loss Teas

Skinny Tea Company products contain only one thing: fresh, whole leaf, weight loss tea.

But, why is this important? 

Most people reading this will know, fresh and whole is generally better for us than old and refined. As girls we've known this for years. We all know that brown bread and wholemeal pasta are better for us than their white equivalents. They fill us up for longer and provide us with a more sustained source of energy. (But of course we all cheat on our diets sometimes!)

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Welcome to The Skinny Tea Company™ Blog! 

We are the UK’s first premium organic weight loss tea company selling only the finest, freshest, organic whole leaf diet teas. These teas have been specially selected by British experts working within the tea industry and have been chosen especially to assist you with the challenges of losing weight while balancing a hectic social and work life.