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Know What You’re Putting In Your Body

You may have recently read a truly saddening news story about a 16 year old girl who suffered acute hepatitis having purchase a cheap 'detox tea' online. 

Since our launch we have always been particularly outspoken about the dangers of laxative based skinny teas and those that contain unproven and potentially dangerous Asian herbs.

This blog post doesn't say what our teas can do for you but, covers exactly what our teas don't do.

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Matcha – What's All The Fuss About?

Matcha is a very specially grown tea and the most powerful and concentrated form of green tea available - and all of our detox teas are loaded with it!

So, why is this powdered Japanese green tea so special and what are some of the many proven benefits that make it such a popular weight loss drink at the moment?

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Celebrities And Skinny Tea

There seem to be a raft of A-list celebrities taking to skinny tea in the last month or so and crediting their weight loss to their new-found love for detox tea. We have several lovely celeb customers but, in truly British fashion, we don’t divulge our drinkers! So why are the celebs suddenly embracing skinny teas?

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