Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Is Your Skinny Tea Different?

2. What Can I Expect From Your Detox Tea?

3. How Much Skinny Tea Will I Receive?

4. Are You A Meal Replacement?

5. Do You Provide A Specific Diet Plan?

6. Is Your Skinny Tea A Laxative?

7. Are Your Detox Teas Caffeinated?

8. Is Your Tea Suitable For Nut / Gluten Allergy Sufferers?

9. Do I Require Any Special Equipment To Make Skinny Tea?

10. Should I Add Milk To My Tea?

11. I've Placed An Order, Where's My Confirmation Email?

12. Where Do Your Homepage Pictures Come From?


How Is Your Skinny Tea Different?

Rather than creating another laxative based skinny tea composed of: cheap teas; dangerous Asian herbs; and super fruits with dubious weight loss value, we worked for 3 years to source directly some of the world’s finest detox teas from China, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.

We select only the youngest and freshest whole leaf teas which we buy directly from farmers and small family own suppliers.

We use an exclusive hand picked GABA Oolong - a special weight loss tea developed by Japanese Scientists in the 80's - that has been processed to exponentially raise its fat burning and weight loss power by maximising its Antioxidant, Polyphenol and GABA content.

We blend this exclusive GABA Oolong with naturally scented whole leaf teas and Uji Matcha powdered green tea (this is the best stuff) to create our delicious and exclusive detox tea blends.  Our weight loss tea contains around 137x the Antioxidants and 40x the Gamma-Aminobutyric acid content of regular green tea.


What Can I Expect From Your Detox Tea?

There is a reason why we currently outsell our competitors by around 8 to 1; are happy to have independently verified customer reviews published directly to our website (rather than anonymous "quotes" we’ve picked ourselves); and have customers that come back month after month, while recommending us to their friends - we have created an extremely high quality product that leaves most people feeling fantastic!

We have always been open, honest and upfront while not making wild claims about the efficacy of our detox tea. Everyone is different. Results from drinking our teas do vary from person to person and are affected by numerous factors such as: starting weight; diet; lifestyle etc.

We do however have customers who tell us they have lost up to 9 lbs in a week drinking our teas. Sadly none of us in our office have experienced such amazing results! Based on our own experiences, and going on the majority of customer reviews and feedback we’ve received, most people when drinking our teas, eating a balanced diet and exercising occasionally lose between 1-3 lbs per week. 

The first thing most customers notice and report to us is a major reduction in bloating, generally accompanied by a feeling of being healthier and having increased energy. Most people begin to feel this after only a few days which is why we're the only Skinny Tea company that offers a 4 Day Detox samples well as 1 Day Bags of all our flavours.


How Much Skinny Tea Will I Receive?

We strongly believe that more is more! We send you over 4x the quantity of tea than is sent by our competitors: we send 260g per month as opposed to the 60g per month most other companies sell. While our detox teas do initially appear more expensive, we sell a far higher quality product, that we’ve sourced and blended ourselves, and which is only available directly from us.

When posting our detox tea we do have to use bigger boxes so our international delivery is more expensive but, we believe the quality of our Skinny Tea is well worth this!


Is This A Meal Replacement?

No. We do not ever recommend skipping meals or replacing them with our detox teas. While our teas are great at beating cravings when you’re tempted by a naughty snack, we always recommended you follow a balanced diet which includes at least 3 meals per day. 


Do You Provide A Specific Diet Plan?

We too have seen those ‘healthy eating / diet plans’ found on other sites, and have gone over these with our doctor who advises us. They are basically very restrictive, calorie controlled diets, to accompany their laxative teas (our teas are not laxatives). 

We simply recommend eating a balanced diet - that includes at least regular 3 meals per day - and occasionally exercising. Most of us know what a balanced diet is and we all know when we’re cheating!

In our office we generally find our biggest downfall to be snacking. Our detox teas make great snack replacements. We drink a mug of Skinny Tea or pick more healthy snacks, such as a small handful of almonds or a banana, rather than a handful(s) of Haribo! It’s these little changes which we’ve personally found to deliver the biggest benefits.


Is Your Skinny Tea A Laxative?

No (and again No)!

While 'detoxing' with a laxative tea product will produce results quickly in the short term, not only is this incredibly dangerous but, we believe it to be a foolish way to try to lose weight. Doing so robs your body of the essential nutrition it requires to function, and will only work in the short term.

Lose weigh this way and you'll quickly regain it.


Are Your Detox Teas Caffeinated?

Yes. Our teas are actually quite high in caffeine however, they are equally high in Theanine, an amino acid which primarily found in high quality tea. Theanine slows the release of caffeine into your body which is why many people find tea to be relaxing as opposed to the jolt of caffeine you get from a shot of espresso. 

Most people find that, despite being high in caffeine, they have no problems consuming our teas within an hour or so of going to bed. Many actually find our teas to be highly relaxing. However, if you are particularly sensitive to caffeine, we would recommend drinking your final cup of the day a little earlier.


Is Your Tea Suitable For Nut / Gluten Allergy Sufferers?

Yes. To the best of our knowledge all of our teas are completely free from traces of nut or gluten. Unlike other companies we never add anything to our Skinny Teas that contains gluten.

We carefully source all our teas ourselves, directly from farmers or small family owned suppliers, who only sell tea. We do not buy from mass whole sellers who will additionally sell nut or wheat products. We believe the risk of cross contamination in any our products to be extremely low. While we cannot 100% guarantee this, we have never experienced any problems with any of our nut / gluten intolerant customers (of which we have many).

A more detailed answer can be found on this Sourcing Skinny Tea blog.


Do I Require Any Special Equipment To Make Skinny Tea?

No. Everything you need to prepare our Skinny Tea is provided for you*.

Along with our special detox teas you will receive a bag of Tea Sacs, large self-filled tea bags, that allows our whole leaf teas to properly expand and release their maximum benefits (closed or pyramid tea bags prevent this happening). Simply add 1 tsp of Skinny Tea into the Tea Sac and use as you would a regular tea bag (which makes our detox teas ideal for making at both work and home)!

We also provide full instructions for how to make delicious Iced Skinny Tea which really does taste amazing :)

*obviously you'll need a kettle, a mug and some water but we'll send you everything else! 


Should I Add Milk To My Tea?

No, not unless your really want to! We promise our teas don’t taste like regular black tea from tea bags! There really is no need to add milk which we think will spoil our great flavours.


I've Placed An Order, Where's My Confirmation Email?

You should receive a confirmation email from us shortly after you've placed your order. A second email will be sent to you once we've posted your tea.

If you haven't received a confirmation email from us please check your junk mail folder as occasionally confirmation emails end up here. If after checking your junk mail folder you still don't have an order confirmation, please contact us and we'll check that we have definitely received your order.


Where Do Your Homepage Pictures Come From?

The beautiful images we use on our homepage were taken by the immensely talented Italian photographer Joana Sorino.

You can see more of her work at: http://joanasorino.deviantart.com/ or at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Joana-Sorino-Photographer/150106035031069