The Skinny Tea Co™

Monthly Skinny Tea Subscription

£49.95 £39.95

The Skinny Tea Co™

Monthly Skinny Tea Subscription

£49.95 £39.95

The Skinny Tea Monthly Subscription is the easiest way to experience a worry free detox experience.  Each month you will automatically receive a Month's selection or your own pick of our high quality detox  teas.  

The Detox subscription contains a Month's worth of a variety of each our freshly picked tea leaves such as Skinny Tea - Summer Berry Jam, Ice Cream, Peaches and Cream, and Milk Chocolate that guarantees to make at least 85 mugs of our flavorful weight loss tea per month!!!  That is only £0.35 a cup!

Should you want to change your tea mix just send us an email and we will amend your subscription to suit your tastes.

How does it work?

Add this subscription to your basket and checkout as normal.  We will then proceed to send you every month of your Skinny Tea Selection.  

Benefits of subscribing: 

   - No postage costs, in the UK

   - Receive limited edition and new specials before they go on sale

   - Easy to cancel subscription with no nasty hidden fees or contract

   - Change Tea Varieties at any time

Don't forget that with our Monthly Subscription there's free 1st Class Delivery on all UK orders!

    • With the tea sacs that comes with your purchase, it is very easy for you to brew Skinny Tea in a regular mug or teapot. Our Skinny Tea requires no additional equipment so you can enjoy it at work or at home - all you need is a warm or hot water! (not necessarily boiling XOXO )
    • We recommend drinking our exclusive weight loss teas 3x per day, generally before or after meals.


    • Tea Sacs allow our detox tea to fully expand and release their maximum weight loss benefits (regular or closed pyramid bags prevent this from happening).